JIS3101 -High Yield steel plate

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Reliable Steel Distributors Inc. Deals In Boiler Quality, Special Quality and High Tensile Steel Plates.

Our company is supported by highly experienced technical personnel who have profound knownledge and experience in this field that help us in developing superior quality of Steel Plates

Our entire range of products conforms to the high industrial standards and widely accepled across the globe . These products are available in various grades to meet the requirements of the clients . Today, we are reckoned as one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Steel Plates in India.


Thickness : 3 mm x 300 mm

WIDTH – 1500 MM (1.5 METER) ,2000 [2 METER] , 2500 MM (2.5 METER), 3000 MM (3 METER)

LENGTH – 6000 MM (6 METER), 12000 MM (12 METER)

GRADES :SS 330, SS400, S420 and SS490.

ASTM A36 ASTM A440 ASTM A543 ASTM A710 EN 10028-2 NFA 35-501
ASTM A131 ASTM A441 ASTM A553 ASTM A841 EN 10028-1 UNI 7070
ASTM A203 ASTM A514 ASTM A572 ASTM A844 BS 1501 NBN21-101
ASTM A204 ASTM A515 ASTM A573 DIN 17100 EN 10028-3 MNC 810E
ASTM A225 ASTM A516 ASTM A588 DIN 17102 EN 10025-1 BS 4360
ASTM A299 ASTM A517 ASTM A606 DIN 17155 EN 10025-2 CSAG40-21
ASTM A283 ASTM A529 ASTM A633 AS 1548 EN 10025-3 IS 2062
ASTM A285 ASTM A533 ASTM A645 BS 4360 EN 10025-4 JIS 3101
ASTM A302 ASTM A537 ASTM A656 ISO 630 EN 10025-5  
ASTM A387 ASTM A542 ASTM A709 NF A36 EN 10113-2  




Europe Germany France Italy Belgium Sweden
EN10025(93) EN10025(90) EN10113-2 DIN 17100 NFA 35-501 UNI7070 NBN21-101 MNC810E
S185 Fe 310-0   St 33 A 33 Fe 320 A 320 SS13,00,00
S235JR(G2) Fe E360B(FN)   RSt 37-2 E24-2 Fe 360 B AE235B SS 13.11.00
S 355 JR Fe510 B     E 36-2 Fe 510 B AE 355 B SS21,32,01
U.K. Canada India Japan International USA  
BS4360 CSAG40-21 IS JIS3101 JIS 3106         ISO 630 ASTM  
      SS 330     A283 A,B,C,D  
40(A)B 230 G IS226 SS400 SM 400A Fe 360 B A284 gr, C, D  
50 B 350 W, WT IS 961 SS490 SM 490A FE 510 B A633  gr A,C,D